About BuyPrivacy

The idea behind BuyPrivacy started in 2017 with a vision that privacy of a user’s browsing activity should remain as private as possible. With a team of developers and web hosting industry veterans with years of experience, they decided to band together and create a platform where the user’s browsing activity remains hidden while in transit.

About Our Services

Our proprietary billing and services management platform ensures that services are delivered to the customers in a reasonably secure and efficient environment. Since we’ve wrote the entire billing and services management platform from scratch, we have the advantage where improvements and optimizations are being made on an on-going basis without relying on an external software vendor to deliver such improvements.

We currently have 3 high performance locations you can connect to. As we grow, we do plan to add more locations to our services. As we are not a reseller of VPN services, our services are not impacted when a major VPN provider goes out of business or is having network issues that the reseller is facing.

Warrant Canary

As of April 25, 2019, we have not received the following:

  • Gag Orders
  • Warrants on requests for User Data
  • National Secuity Letters
We are committed on keeping user activity private by purposefully not logging the user's activities on our services.